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  • Stop thinking in a negative way- Eliminate DON'T and WON'T. "I won't strike out, I won't make an error, I don't want to miss this guys fastball." We tend to think visually and the mind cannot envision negative words like don't and won't. So instead of "I won't strike out" the mind "sees" "I strike out." Instead of NEGATIVE think in positive terms, "I will hit the ball hard, I will field the ball cleanly, that fastball will not get by me."
  • EXHALE Release your negative thoughts and breath in slowly and deeply. Oxygen is the body's tranquilizer and gives you a good chance to relax. (Besides, no one has to know your doing it.)
  • SMILE Another way to relax. It takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown. Choose to be Positive. Choose to be happy. Baseball is fun. CHOOSE You are in control
  • Eliminate things over which you have no control; the weather, the crowd, the umpires, etc.

 All things being equal between 2 players (size, athleticism, potential, aptitude) it is the ability to minimize anxiety and fear that will make the difference in performance. The following are Tips that can help improve the on-field performance of all players.

Latest Events

03 Mar 2018;
Juniors End of Season Pirates Party
04:00PM - 09:30PM
Ettamogah Hotel


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