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Use a Bagman

An important element in running a successful Batting Practice is to use a bagman in centerfield. One player is designated to receive batted balls. He places them in the bag/bucket. All balls hit into the outfield should be thrown to him. This is important not only for keeping BP going at a steady pace but to give the players in the outfield a chance to work on throwing accuracy and developing arm strength. The bagman also gets the benefit of working on the skill of catching the baseball. When the batting practice pitcher’s bucket nears empty he calls, “balls in” and the bagman runs the balls to the mound, being careful to not get hit by a batted ball. This way BP never has to stop while the players pick up balls. Foul and bunted balls can be picked up when you change groups. (More advanced ages should use screens.) Better use of time means more swings for your hitters. Try it. You'll like it.

Latest Events

03 Mar 2018;
Juniors End of Season Pirates Party
04:00PM - 09:30PM
Ettamogah Hotel


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