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How to Fix Batting Errors


Many times coaches and players see the results of a swing and do not fully understand what is causing poor contact with the ball.  Here are several examples of poor contact and the most frequent cause of this type of swing:

  • HARD POP FOUL AWAY - Most frequent cause is late loading, late trigger, late launch or a lazy top hand. The batter must learn to load or "trigger" the hands to the proper launch position earlier. The batter must learn to allow the top hand to "rule the swing". The top hand must be strong through the swing.
  • WEAK POP FLY - Batter may be overstriding, long striding, or dipping the back side. A collapsed front leg can also contribute to this problem. The batter must hit with a stiff front leg. The batter must "maintain stack" to eliminate head travel and lunging. Try a wider stance IE. Feet wider than knees, & no stride at all, works wonders with players u12 down to maintain balance thru the swing plane.
  • SWING AND MISS - Timing may be the problem if the hitter is normally a good hitter. The hands may have a "hitch". A quick fix to this is to lay the bat on the shoulder or on the side of the shoulder and have the batter launch the hands from there. Have the batter track three pitches to the mitt or screen before any swings are taken. The batter must learn to see the ball "go flat" on one side when the bat hits it.
  • DRIBBLER IN FRONT OF THE PLATE - The batter is not allowing the ball to come in. The bat is "arched" upon contact. Meaning the bat is hitting the top half of the ball with an upper cut swing. The batter is "almost missing the ball". The batter must allow the ball to come in a 10th of a second longer to get in the "flat bat" zone. Contact in this area insures that the bat will travel through the ball and not over it. Those dribbling grounders to the pitcher can quickly be eliminated by teaching the hitter to be a little more patient before attacking the ball.

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