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Quakers Hill Pirates Junior Players Jetting off on International Baseball Tours to Japan and USA
During August, eleven junior players from the Quakers Hill Pirates Baseball and Softball Club will be jetting off to NSW Junior Baseball League (NSWJBL) tours of Japan, the United States to represent NSW. 
The teams leave Sydney in early August on a schedule which is jam packed with baseball, site seeing and various other cultural activities. The teams will compete in a tournament against the USA and Japan in their host country over a seven day period.
The Pirates players on the tours include:
  • Nick Pedersen (Japan - Osaka)
  • Simeon Nedanovski (Japan - Osaka)
  • Joshua Hazell (Japan - Osaka)
  • Ayden Dever (Japan - Osaka)
  • Scott Fitzgibbon (Japan - Niigata)
  • Luke Passmore (Japan - Niigata)
  • Bailey Michels (Japan - Niigata)
  • Marc Gibbons (USA - St Louis)
  • Peter Irwin (USA – St Louis)
  • Shai Borg (USA - St Louis)
  • Logan Gladdish (USA - St Louis)
Quakers Hill Pirates Club President Michael Fitzgibbon said, “These tours will be a definite highlight for our young players and provides a fantastic way for these kids to not only improve their baseball skills against international opponents, but experience baseball in a country where the sport has an enormous following. They will learn a lot about other cultures as well as themselves.” 
Baseball in Australia is on the rise again with a new national league (the Australian Baseball League) coming back in its third season this year. The ABL has the backing of the Australian Baseball Federation and Major League Baseball in America and is aimed to provide a path for Australian players to reach the elite level.
“The next generation of players for the Australian Baseball League and other international leagues will come from initiatives like these international tours for our younger players to learn what it takes to compete against other quality players,” said Mr Fitzgibbon.
Japan Tour
U13 - Japan Touring Players
USA Tour1
U15 - USA Touring Players