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Umpire's course at Corbin Reserve - Sunday 1 July
On Sunday 1 July, the NSW Baseball Umpires Association (NSWBUA) will be holding a Level 0 accreditation course at Corbin Reserve. Pirates will be offering this free for any registered Pirates Junior member or parent of a junior member who will be playing with us over the 2012/13 summer season and would like to become involved in the game as an umpire.

Officials such as umpire's are the heart and soul of our game and if you have been looking for a way to become involved in the sport but are not confident with coaching, then umpiring could be the thing for you.

The chief instructors on the day will be Fred Adam and Rob Brown with a couple of other umpires in attendance to assist.

Level O - Orientation to Umpiring

umpire 2This course will introduce you to the responsibilities, skills and rules of baseball umpiring. Instruction will be by ABF Instructors to the standards required by the Australian Baseball Federation. There is no assessment, however there will be some practical instruction during which participants will be introduced to umpiring techniques.

This course is the minimum level of training our umpires should have to officiate at our games. At completion of the course participants will be registered with the Level O qualification.

Players and parents are encouraged to attend this course. Players 12 yrs and older are encouraged to attend.

The Pirates Club will be paying the course fee for all Pirates registered junior players and parents who wish to undertake the course and will be playing with us over the 2012/13 summer season. Pirates members, please contact Michael Fitzgibbon to obtain the code to input in the registration form for club payment. Note: participants from other clubs will be required to pay the course fee.

To register your attendance with the NSWBUA, please click on the link below:

Sunday 1st July, 2012 October 2011
9.15am Registration for a 9:30am start.

$35.00 per person (Includes ABF Rule Book).

No special equipment required.Participants will be involved in some light physical activity. Please wear comfortable clothing which will allow for some running, bending etc.

All attendees must register individually through "Main Individual Registration".Quakers Hill members may register using the payment code given to the Club.

Click the "Register" button to register. Where payment is required, you will require either a Paypal Account or Credit Card to complete registration.

If you have to return to complete registration or payment, please ignore the warning about duplicate registration. The same email address may be used for multiple registrations.

Registrations will close June 27.