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Pirates proposed joint venture with Quakers Hill Softball Club

Dear Pirates,


In preparation for the forthcoming summer season your Club executive have been actively working on plans to lift our support for girls softball. An important opportunity which is under active development and consideration involves a potential joint venture with Quakers Hill Softball Club as a precursor to a possible future merger.


A delegation from the Pirates Executive team has been working on developing  this proposal and a number of meetings have taken place between representatives of both Clubs. We have been advised this week that the Quakers Hill Softball Club are keen to progress the concept and in order that we can take advantage of the opportunities that are presented  by the try baseball days over the coming weekend they have been invited to participate with us in our forthcoming try baseball days at Corbin.


Under this arrangement Quakers Hill Softball Club will join with us in promoting the sport of softball (alongside our baseball stations at try Baseball) and will also invite its existing members to attend Corbin to re-register. A separate registration process conducted by Pirates will be available for new kids interested in registering for softball and also for existing Pirates kids who wish to register for softball.


This arrangement will enable us to work with each other to leverage the recruitment opportunities which the next two weekends will present whilst we finalise the details of our joint venture opportunity which will then be put to both Executives for final consideration.


I will keep you informed of the details of the work being undertaken on the joint venture opportunity, as it progresses


Finally I would like to make all parents of girls born between 1995-2000 aware of an opportunity that exists by virtue of a girls softball development grant we have received last year. Specifically we will be offering an attractive financial incentive this year for girls who register for softball in U11/ U13/U15/U17 age groups. For more information on this opportunity please contact our Club Secretary Paul Passmore.


Kind regards,


Neil Austin

Club President

Quakers Hill Pirates Baseball and Softball Club