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2011 Sydney Metro Masters

Sydney Metro Masters 12/13 June

It was a wet weekend of baseball with our QH Renegades masters team at bensons this weekend. 14 players in total joined us coming from Predators, Silverbacks, Maruaders, Blackjacks, Black Pearls and we even adopted a few from Workers. A lot of fun was had however no wins to our name against some very competitive teams but we played with true pirate spirit.


Final winner of the tournament was Hawkesbury with Eagles runners-up.



Back row from left: Steve Taylor (Workers), Peter Bailey (Black Pearls), Paul Behlevanas (Blackjacks), Lee Pedersen (Predators), Geoff Knight (Silverbacks), Michael Fitzgibbon (Predators), Aaron Hollbrow (Workers), Janelle Behrendt (Scorer). Front Row from left: Epe Niven (Predators), Ken Nahas (Workers), David McDonald (Black Pearls), Michael Behrendt (Marauders), Phil Driver (Predators), Vicki Galea (Coach), Joe Galea (Predators). Absent from photo: Michael Dehn, Narelle Driver (scorer)