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341 Trivia Night raises over $20,000 for Cassar family

On Saturday 13 November a community rallied together to support the Cassar family following the sudden passing of Joe "Mono" Cassar. On a night of rememberance, fun and in the true Pirates spirit, over 250 people attending the trivia night banded together to raise over $20,000 for the Cassar family. One highlight of the night is when club President Neil "Ozzie" Austin set a reserve of $1,000 to shave off his goatee which he has had for over 20 years. The room raised $1,080 and we look forward to seeing pictures of the beardless Oz.


The night is probably best summed up by messages from Neil Austin and Nicole Cassar

Neil Austin:

Saturday night 13th November 2010 will live long in the hearts of the Cassar family and Pirates Baseball Club. A sensational night full of emotion, fun, laughs, drinks, trivia, prizes and donations. We had approx 260 people turn up on the night who where all in great spirit. There was a special feel within the room, the night started with a special slide show on the big screen of our mate "Mono" this did start the tears flowing. The emotions did continue throughout the night but mixed in with a whole lot of fun, laughs and a few drinks.


The night was very well run, structured and organised by the Pirates. 

To our chief organisers

Tina Jones,

Mark "Skip" Scully (MC),

Ray "Rugby" Scully (Trivia Host)

Philip "Tooch" Jones


I am struggling to find words to pay tribute to you guys on how well the night went over. You should be proud of what you achieved. To all our helpers including judges, decorators, donators, cleaners and last but not least the beer wenches. (DOB's)

Thank you to all the Pirates that turned out to support your generosity was very much appreciated, also those that could not turn up on the night but donated there ticket money.



ozzie (one proud president of the mighty Pirates)


Nicole Cassar:

Oh what a night!

I would like to express my gratitude for the enormous amount of work and effort that went into making Saturday night such a fantastic event. It started as a very emotional night for me, but I then went on to have a great time. It was a great way to celebrate Joe's life. What a wonderful community we live in! The amount of support I have recieved since Joe's passing has blown me away. We have recieved groceries, prepared meals, lawn mowing, DOB's clean up and now this fundraiser. There are a very special few who have gone above and beyond, Tina & Phil Jones, Mark Scully and Mike Harkness rate a special mention. It is this support that is helping the kids and myself through this very difficult time in our lives. I can not thank-you all enough.

Thank-you, Thank-you ...

Nicole Cassar


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