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Our Vision & Development

PiratesThe Pirates Baseball Club has a vision that any person from our surrounding area who is interested in Baseball, irrespective of skill and age, will have the continual opportunity to participate in our sport in a highly rewarding, fun and social environment.
This is achieved through the provision of efficient management; quality events, services and information; and through the effective promotion of our Club to our community and sponsors.


The Pirates Baseball Club has established a 5 Year Club Development Plan to secure its future.
In the past 2 seasons, a combination of effective management techniques, marketing strategies and a family focus has seen the Club explode in size with an increase in junior membership of more than 265%.
This phenomenal growth is no accident - but rather the result of a deliberate and focused strategy and commitment to developing a healthy, enjoyable environment which is attractive to mum, dad and the kids alike.
With more than 350 members in the 2006/07 Season, the Pirates Baseball Club is one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing sporting clubs in Australia.