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Score Recorder Information

Pirates Team Officials, 

I'm Scott Baker of the U17 Reds and I've volunteered to be the Club's Score Recorder this season. 

The purpose of this web page is to let you all know the protocols for reporting your scores after each game - basically Hills Juniors need me to advise them of the scores asap after each round, usually by Monday at midday, or midday the day after the game if it is a washout replay/midweek game. This year, Hills are imposing fines on clubs who fail to report scores or don't get them in on time. 

As I don't have the time to chase up scores from you all at the last minute, here's what I need & hope you don't mind sending them:

  • Details of ("Team Name")
  • The Score
  • Win or Loss
  • Is it a washout replay Y/N?
  • If so, when was the scheduled date?
  • Is it a midweek game Y/N?
  • Player of the week.
  • You can SMS / MMS the details to me on 0425 205 781 OR,
  • You can email them to me on Scott Baker OR
  • You can post to the club's Facebook page  - The admin will usually post a status update on game day asking for results under which you can comment. 
  • If you are the home team (at Corbin) you can still drop the original results sheet in to the plastic box in the equipment room at Corbin BUT you still need to SMS/MMS/email/Facebook us the results. The paper results sheet is nonetheless handy in the event of disputes etc. 

I need the details by no later than 9pm on the evening of the game please. 

If not received I'll seek the guidance of the club executive but to avoid a fine we may have to record a forfeit or no game. 

Lastly - when you finalise your team officials could you please let me know if your scorers require training and I'll organise something for early in the season. 

Thanks for your understanding, wishing you all a successful and admin hassle-free season.