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To describe the approach which the Quakers Hill Pirates Junior Baseball Club (“The Club”) will take to requests for children to play outside of their true age group.

Policy Statement

Under the Hills Junior Baseball Competition (“The Hills”) rules a parent or guardian may apply to the Competition Secretary for a dispensation so that their child may play outside of their true age group.

The Club may be requested by a parent or guardian to endorse any such application.

Alternatively the Hills Competition Secretary may consult the Club on the question of whether they support an application submitted by a parent or guardian without the Club’s endorsement.

In either case the Club shall consider the application based on the following principles:-

  1. The general position of the Club is that it is in the best interests of children to play within their true age group, unless the Club is satisfied that one or more of the exceptions outlined below exists:-
    1. There is no available conference being offered within the Hill’s competition within the Child’s true age group;

    2. Based on the assessed skill and capability of the child, playing within their true age group would pose an unacceptable safety risk to the child or other children within their true age group.

  2. Subject to the above, the Club generally does not consider the following factors to be persuasive in determining whether an application for dispensation should be supported:-

    1. The child is a more capable or skilled player than other children within their true age group;

    2. The child wants to play with family or friends outside of their true age group.

Once the Club has provisionally determined whether or not to support an application for dispensation, having regard to this policy, it shall communicate that decision to the parent or guardian and provide an opportunity for the parent or guardian to make a final submission before coming to a final view on the application and notifying the parent or guardian and the Hills Competition Secretary of the final decision.


Latest Events

03 Mar 2018;
Juniors End of Season Pirates Party
04:00PM - 09:30PM
Ettamogah Hotel


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